Guarantee Parking Revenue With Gated Parking Equipment

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for SkiData in Canada, offering the most technologically advanced, state-of-the art and user friendly transit and parking equipment to the Canadian markets. 

SkiData offers premium technology that can be used for transit and/ or parking solutions. Systems are comprised of a pay stations, entrance and exit columns and gates that can be used to process payment and validations, as well as dispense tickets, passes and receipts while connected in real time to a real time remote monitoring customer service team and robust back-end reporting system.


Multi-Payment Methods

The SkiData parking system can be programmed to accept and authorize in real-time the following payment methods: debit and credit card via tap and go or chip and pin, third party pre-paid passes, barcode validations, coin, cash and mobile pay.


Works Across Campuses

The SkiData system can be networked between capuses. The system can be configured to allow patrons who have paid the daily maximum at one campus to proceed to a different campus and be permitted entry to a designated parking lot, using their valid ticket.


Weather & Crime Proof

The pay station is equipped with damage-resistant glass and a locking system that keeps it safe from tampering; and is made of a powder-coated steel that’s to protect from vandalism and robbery. It also completely waterproof and non-corrosive when exposed to a salt spray environment.