Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone Parking

Whoosh! is a Pay-by-Phone parking technology enabling motorists to pay for parking in real time using a mobile phone or any web-enabled device. Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone software enables:

  • Parking expiration alerts via SMS text message

  • Allows motorists to extend, stop and start their parking

  • Uses GPS technology to identify where a vehicle is parked

  • User accounts where receipts are stored, parking time remaining can be viewed, several license plates can be added and more


Facebook & Fingerprint Touch ID

As a login option, the Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone app offers Facebook and fingerprint touch ID. Motorists simply download the app onto their device and it's activated, the app walks the user step by step through the registration process.

Payment Wheel:

A user-friendly payment wheel is a focal point of the Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone app. Minimizing manual input and user error, the payment wheel requires a simple touch and drag until the amount of parking time is required is reached.


GPS Locator For Parking Zones

The moment a motorist opens the Whoosh! app, a map using a GPS locater will load nearby Whoosh! parking lots. If a motorist is planning a head for a different location, a simple address input is required to view Whoosh! parking lots.

Whose Using Whoosh!? 

Below are a few leading organizations that have chosen to install Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone parking. 

university of toronto logo.png

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